A group of dynamic employees from diverse backgrounds make up the management team at Lavender. They are industry experts with the leadership skills to prosper in their commitment of high-quality laundry and dry-cleaning services. There is an in-house engineering team that adheres to the daily preventative maintenance program. They also monitor our tailored chemistry of washing formulas to ensure efficiency and hygiene in the testing times of COVID. It is the drive for safety, quality and community that make the plant operatives above par. Along with functioning like a well-oiled machine, the team also shares the bond of a family. Recently we tied up with Ananta Institute of Hotel Management and Allied Studies and curated a laundry diploma program where our focus is on employee training, improvisations and proactive customer service.


Ashutosh Goyal (Founder)

Ashutosh Goyal is a graduate from Indiana University, USA. Currently, he is the Director of Ananta Hotels and Resorts and Goyal Fashions Pvt Ltd. He believes that laundry is undervalued in India and therefore plans to revolutionize the industry. He often says that people spend a lot on garments but cannot find a professional Laundry to take proper care of their expensive garments. He has a long-term vision for Lavender which is people and environment centric.

PS George

PS George (General Manager)

40 years of extensive industrial experience in different fields, in which More than 20 years in garment manufacturing and export. Currently, responsible for marketing and administration of Lavender laundry & dry-cleaning services.

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