Washing & Ironing

Washing & Ironing

Price : ₹120 per Kg.

At Lavender, we provide professional laundry services leveraging the latest and advanced cleaning technologies. Being a prominent laundry services provider, we have a team of skilled professionals who are well versed in cleaning and washing all kinds of garments such as shirts, tshirts, dresses, trousers, pants. Right from sleeves and pleats to ruffles, frills pockets, we pay attention to all the important areas while washing clothes and provide premium services to our valuable customers allowing them to nurture their work. Be it heavier fabrics or lighter ones, we are capable of removing even the hardest stains from the fabric leaving behind a smooth and ultra clean surface.

Having years of experience in this industry, we provide reliable wash and iron services so that your clothes are always crisp and grab the eyeballs. Being a leading laundry services provider, we are equipped with the best laundry facilities and use laundry equipment of top rated brands that can remove even nasty stains which are difficult to remove in a regular wash. We always use the right washing machine setting depending on the fabric and provide versatile solutions to handle the toughest stains.

We take the complete responsibility of your clothes and make the laundry and iron experience much easier and hassle free. Being a leading laundry services provider, we know the best clothing care hacks and give you fully washed and finely pressed clothes every time.

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