About Us


After 3 decades of a succesful career in the Garments Exports business and 10 years in the hospitality industry, the Goyal Group of Companies had identified an opportunity in disguise – Laundry. As the founder of Lavender, Ashutosh Goyal had studied and travelled across the United States and Europe, he recognised the immense potential of laundry. And so, his knowledge of garments and hospitality lead to the birth of Lavender laundry.


We exist to incarnate the highest quality of Laundry without hurting the environment. Our eco-friendly ways are complemented with convenience, professionalism and hygiene.


We are striving toward being the best that the world of Indian Laundry has to offer. By 2022, we wish to set up units across the major cities of India.


  • Reduced Cost
  • On-Time Delivery
  • High Hygiene
  • Quality Inputs
  • Modern Technology
  • Laundry Expert Team


  • A heavy capital investment to install laundry machinery and equipments.
  • A high cost associated with training in-house and unexperienced staff.
  • A lack of staff expertise on long-term operations and maintenance.
  • An added cost liability for the frequent maintenance of technology
  • All of the hi-tech laundry equipment is owned by the services provider.
  • They have highly trained experts on board for day-to-day operations.
  • It eliminates the need to hire additional staff to run laundry or pay for machinery and maintenance.
  • It will save space and provide with high-quality laundry on daily basis.


We live in a world where hygiene has never been more important. As focus on personal and public health has peaked, only washing hands to stay free of issues is not sufficient. The health of linen – from bedsheets to uniforms – are just as important. It is essential to ensure clean laundry for staff, guests as well as ourselves. We follow measures to eliminate the critical carrier of germs and viruses – Linen. Our washer drying rolls out 100% germ-free laundry. We prioritise sanitisation as a part of our process.

  • Affordable Premium Laundry

    We provide premium laundry and dry cleaning services at a pocket friendly price.

  • On-Time and hassle free pick up and delivery

    We provide on time pick up and delivery at the tap of a button. We understand the value of your time and have a super fast turnaround.

  • We follow the best hygiene and safety practices.

    We adopt the best hygiene practices and safety measures to help keep the shine of your clothes intact and maintain a healthy environment.

  • We bring you nothing but the best.

    We have a skilled and professional team by our side that takes 360° care of your clothes. And thus we ensure you best quality laundry and dry cleaning services

  • We embrace modern technology

    We harness the power of the latest and modern technologies and use advanced cleaning methods to deep clean your clothes and carpets.

  • We pay attention to detail

    Right from collars to sleeves, we pay deep attention to all the areas of your garment and treat the toughest laundry stains.

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